Neutron Instruments and Neutron Instrumentation

In ESS Bilbao we are collaborating in the proposal, design and construction of different instruments for the ESS project. However some of these instruments are still in the proposal step, not yet validated by the corresponding ESS Committees The purpose of the neutron sources is to produce intense neutron beams to be used in different instruments (also called beam lines). All the instruments of the neutron source could work in…


Magnetic Single Crystal Diffractometer, combining Laue Time if Flight technique with polarized neutron optics and area detectors. This proposal is leaded by Lab. Leon Brillouin (LLB, Saclay, France) in collaboration with PSI (Switzerland).


Backscattering spectrometer optimized for the long pulse of ESS. This proposal is leaded by Copenhagen University and ESS.


A Neutron time-of-flight Diffractometer optimized for beam sizes in de 1mm range. This will allow to study materials under very high-pressures together with extreme temperatures (hot and cold). This proposal is leaded by ESS and ESS Bilbao.


Broadband Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) instrument for Material Science and Soft Matter. This instrument project is already approved by StC and is working in the advanced conceptual design, before going to the detailed design and construction.


ESS-BILBAO en colaboración con las empresas AVS y Scientíffica ha desarrollado un Sistema integrado de Detectores de Centelleo para Dosimetría de Neutrones con su Sistema de Adquisición de Datos para Diagnóstico Avanzado, dentro del Programa Nacional de Infraestructuras Científico – Técnicas, en el Subprograma Nacional de Actuaciones en Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos – INNPLANTA PÚBLICOS 2010, con el número de referencia de proyecto PCT-420000-2010-004 El sistema consta de tres módulos…

Detector Lab

ESSBilbao has recently set up a lab for neutron detector development at their headquarters in Zamudio. New neutron detection strategies based on scintillators and tests of prototypes will be carried out in this laboratory. The lab is provided with the following equipment: Scintillator materials: 6Li/ZnS and 6Li glass -NIM electronics: Counters, discriminators, analyzers… Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) and Silicon photomultipliers (Si-PMs) Blackout room with microscope and high sensibility cameras Cf-252 low…