15 de noviembre de 2016

The First workshop on ‘Engineering aspects of large-scale In-Kind projects’

Fisrt BrightnESS* Best Practice Workshop on engineering aspect of large-scale In-Kind projects Supported by the European Spallation Source ERIC, Elettra Sincrotrone and ESS Bilbao Around one hundred scientists from Europe will be coming to Bilbao to discuss the implementation of best practises in engineering protocols for large-scale science projects
11 de noviembre de 2016

FIRST SPANISH IN-KIND DELIVERY: Shielding for the proton beam dump

The initial elements of the shielding for the beam dump, in particular 200 concrete blocks, have been delivered by ESS Bilbao to the European Spallation Source as the first Spanish in-kind delivery to the European research infrastructure project in November 2016.

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