The klystron amplifiers for RFQ and DTL require high voltage supplies and they need to be powered from power converters called modulators.

Modulator converts conventional wall plug AC power into pulse power.

Three solid state pulsed klystron modulators are required for the six klystron of RFQ and DTL of based on the Stacked Multi-Level (SML) topology and ESS design.

The main specifications of the klystron modulators are:
  • Type SML pulsed klystron modulator.
  • Pulse type square, with negative polarity.
  • Nominal pulse voltage amplitude: -115 kV.
  • Nominal pulse current amplitude: 100 A.
  • Nominal pulse power amplitude:  11.5 MW.
  • Nominal pulse repetition rate: 14 Hz.
  • Nominal pulse width (at 50% of magnitude): 3.5 ms.
  • Minimum efficiency at nominal conditions: 91%.

The three modulators manufacturing is being carried out by JEMA Energy.


HV module simulation

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