The considered versatile ESS MEBT is being designed to achieve four main goals: First, to contain a fast chopper and its correspondent beam dump, that could serve in the commissioning as well as in the ramp up phases.MEBT
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    In the design of Spallation source, the Target Station Division performs most of the tasks related to the stripping target and associated systems. This is a heavily multi-disciplinary work, involving well-defined but interconnected fields.TARGET
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  • RFQ

    The RFQ ('Radio Frequency Quadrupole') is a linear accelerating structure used in the first section of ion linacs.RFQ
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ESS Bilbao


ESS Bilbao is an internationally renowned strategic center for neutron technologies which brings knowledge and added value through its in-kind contribution to the European Spallation Neutron Source project to be set up in Lund (Sweden).

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Consorcio ESS Bilbao

El Consorcio ESS Bilbao se ha incorporado a la Plataforma de Contratación del Sector Público. Es una plataforma electrónica que permite dar publicidad a través de internet a las convocatorias de licitaciones y sus resultados, así como prestar otros servicios complementarios relativos a los contratos que se celebren.

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International Centre of Excellence for Neutron Science and Technologies