Distribution system

The passive network transports the high-power RF from the amplifier output to the cavity by means of rectangular waveguides for RFQ and DTL and rigid coaxial lines for MEBT due to the frequency and the power requirements.


The distribution system consists of the following main part:

This system includes different components with a specific function:
  • Circulator: protect the amplifiers from RF power reflection from the cavity.
  • High power load: dissipates the backscattered power.
  • Magic Tee: splits the RF high power in two paths.
  • Dual Directional coupler: monitories the forward and reflected power for safety purposes.
  • Phase shifter: compensates the phase differences between divided paths.
  • Arc sensor: detects arc during conditioning and operation.
courtesy ESS


WR2300 components

WR2300 component

Stub layouts

The stubs are the narrow ducts going down to the tunnel from the gallery. These ducts will house all cooling water pipes and all cables needed for tunnel components.

Due to the space constraints, ESS Bilbao is developing the correct installation sequence of all components for the two stubs of the normal conducting linac:


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