Low Power RF

The RF laboratory covers different areas related to the diverse disciplines of the RF accelerator technologies.


The Low Power RF consists of the following main parts:

Electromagnetic design and simulations

Electromagnetic design of passive components is made by means of 3-D full-wave electromagnetic field software Ansys HFSS and Comsol. Resonant cavities, power couplers, other passive components in rectangular waveguide technology (Magic-T, phase shifter…) have been designed.

Cavity simulation

Phase shifter simulation

Magic T design

RF measurements

The RF lab is equipped with a high-quality instrumentation to carry out a thoroughly low power RF characterization of passive and active components operating in CW or pulse mode, including also a specific instrumentation for phase and amplitude low noise measurements.

Test bench

RF measurements

Test set up

Cavity characterization

A specific test bench is available for the resonant cavities characterization including the bead pull test. A procedure with a pillbox cavity let calibrate the beads used in the bead pull test, to eliminate the error introduced by the bead parameters obtaining a more accurate accelerating field profile measurements.

Cavity tests

Cavity calibration

Beadpull test bench

Electronics and control

The electronic designs and process control are required for different RF applications or measurements such us: timing box, low noise RF generators, control and automatization of measurements procedures or laboratory instruments or any other components.

Electronic design

Control system

Subsystem design