Mission & Vision

Our Mission


To promote the generation of knowledge in neutron technologies in the widest sense, from the accelerator to the target and instruments.

To achieve excellence in the fields of neutron science and technologies and  take our position as a centre of international standing.

To contribute to the European Spallation Source project while simultaneously seeking to participate in other projects which guarantee our long-term future beyond 2025.

Our Vision


To become a centre of excellence in particle accelerator and neutron scattering science and technologies by leveraging our In-Kind Contribution works on the European Spallation Source project.


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The Council of the European Spallation Source ERIC ratifies Spain as full founder member.


ESS Bilbao is confirmed as the official organization to represent Spain in the European Spallation Source ERIC.


Spain became the first partner country to sign a formal Letter of Intent to participate in the construction of ESS.


Collaboration agreement between the two Administrations in the construction, equipment and operation of the Spanish headquarters of the European Spallation Neutron Source.


ESFRI publishes its roadmap on large research infrastructures including the European Spallation Source ESS.

Official launch of the ESS Bilbao candidature.


The Spanish Government and the Basque Government agree to present their contribution to the project by setting up ESS Bilbao.


ESS Initiative is consolidated and begins the period for receiving applications to host the European Spallation Source ESS.



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