The manufacturing division inside ESS Bilbao is responsible for taking a conceptual model with its requirements and specifications and continue with the whole process until the final installation.

These steps include the mechanical and electrical design for manufacturing. Considering the processes that each component needs, the first step is to study the need for that component and the acceptable way to manufacture it, after that a 3D model is implemented and studied. With this 3D model is possible to verify the requirements (tolerances, vacuum specs, electrical specs) are fulfilled so it’s possible to make a preliminary 2D design for manufacturing.



We have a big list of different partners, that are surrounding us, to manufacture almost all the components designed. The different scope of the partners can be classified into two big parts:
  • Commercial suppliers.
  • Manufacturers.

Each of these parts has its divisions into their specialities. Also, ESS Bilbao has its own facilities for these works. These installations, that can supply with their services to external partners, are the vacuum lab with the leak testing and outgassing and the advanced welding facility with the EBW and brazing weldings.

Once the components are made, ESS-Bilbao has the capabilities for testing the requirements needed and making the final assembly. At our installations or at the partner site.