Proton Beam Instrumentation plug

The PBIP -Proton Beam Instrumentation Plug- consists of several components introduced in the protons’ path, being their main functions to measure properties to determine that protons arriving to the target do it with the proper shape, energy, frequency, and other parameters, etc. This instrumentation is even capable to evaluate the beam on target by using IR and optical techniques. 

Mechanical and thermal precise design of holding structures that allocate the instrumentation, together with complex aligning features and limiting tolerances, is being carried out by ESS-Bilbao; where intricate manufacturing requirements for optics, beam measuring and disassembling in hot cells for disposal design, must be met in the process. 

ESS Bilbao project con­sists of the design and manufacture of the support, positio­ning, wiring, and cooling system for the Target instrumen­tation. It is coming to the end of its design phase, with the Remote Handling system and PBI interfaces currently under deve­lopment.